In this episode of “Dream it! Dare it! Do it! Live the Life You Want!” I am speaking with Stephanie Benedetto Padovani. Stephanie & I how to apply living the life you want to business. Her authentic message uses words such as playing and game to examine different ways of seeing and expanding a business conversation.

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Stephanie Benedetto Padovani of The Awakened Business helps coaches, healers and change-making entrepreneurs craft an irresistible message to attract soulmate clients online without hypey marketing or endless social media posting. She's a business coach, storyteller and (Un)marketer who uses curious questions, stories, and play to inspire joyful creation in all its forms.  She's coached both solo-preneurs and multi-million dollar businesses and has been featured on The Huffington Post, Fox Business News, Vox and numerous publications on and offline.

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I am an international coach, business consultant and co-author of the bestselling book “The Midas Touch.”

In this era of technology and information, we are bombarded with advertising, images, with possibilities, with what’s good and what’s right. And we forget. We forget that what we all really want is peace and well-being.  When we are coming from this space, we all know what our next step is.  Clarity creates simplicity. 

I help solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, small and medium business owners and high performing individuals to “Get Perspective, Get Clear, Get Organized, Get Inspired and “Live the life they want.”

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